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P3 Commercial Flight Instruction

Minimum $25,000 (A) hull coverage. Policy is available through Regal Insurance/Flight School USA or other providers that meet our requirements.

Fun Facts

Serving Fixed Wing and Rotorcraft Training

You asked for it, we did it.  We formed an Affiliate Training Providers (ATP) Network. Bringing together the "best of the best" wasn't easy, and only highly qualified Flight Training Providers make our list.  

In Partnership with Flight School Association of North America (FSANA) and Flight Academy Advisors (FAA) we  developed the ATP Program to give flight school candidates real-time information, investment level and experiences from current and former students that desire to train in other areas of the country.

Transparency at it's best! 


Is Your Flight Academy on the List of ATP's?

Give us a call today for a pre-application interview.  We are seeking Flight Academies that are serious about providing Career training in safe, professional, fun environment. 

People Really Like Our Way of Doing Business

Sheldon: Can't believe I got my CFI ticket in 2 weeks. Tough, but real. 

Lance: International program for IFR was key for me to get my dream job. Nicely done FSUSA. 

Casey: In-house student housing was so important for me to get the job done.  Surrounded by staff and fellow students really helped me succeed. 

Neal: What they said, they meant. No surprises, completed on time and within budget, highly recommend! 


Q. How do I find out information about a flight school I want to attend? 

FSUSA  has a network of trusted Affiliate Training Providers (ATP) and will place you in the right location based on your career goals

Q. What is the benefit of training with FSUSA?

A. First, we have over 92% first time FAA pass rate. Next, our Package Programs are the best value due to unlimited ground, inclusive fees such as FAA writtens and practical  tests, just to name a few.  Our Admission Team will tailor a program for your specific training requirements, whether domestic or international. 

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Jobs Page for FSUSA and their ATP graduates seeking unique opportunities. 

CPL and CFI opportunity lists coming soon, standby......

New Accelerated CFI Program

Accelerated Flight Training Saves You Time and Investment